This page probably should have been called “Afterword”, “Postface”, “Addendum”, Epilogue” or “In memorandum”, but this being about Richard, I do believe that “Footnotes” is the best choice.

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One legacy: ONE ICHNOLOGY! Richard Granville Bromley (1939–2018)
Ichnos, by Lothar H. Vallon, Kurt S. S. Nielsen, Jesper Milàn, Allan A. Ekdale, Andrew K. Rindsberg & Tina A. Kjeldahl-Vallon

Ichnologen Richard Granville Bromley – In Memoriam
Danish Geological Society, by Jan Kresten Nielsen (Süleyman Demirel Universitetet, Isparta) & Aase Roland Jacobsen (Science Museerne, Aarhus Universitet)

Richard Granville Bromley (1939-2018) – Understanding the chalk
Proceedings of the Geologists’ Association, by Andy Gale