Tracing maps, and a wild goose chase – Greenland 1970

Up at 9. All are up, except Peter who had a party with the locals until 5.

I trace maps until 12 o’clock lunch. Glorious warm weather, the helicopter makes flights all day.

OY-HAK, Grønlandsfly’s “Nuka” (littlebrother), a Sud Aviation SE-3160 Alouette III Helicopter – Mestersvig, Grønland 1970

A small Swiss aircraft investigates us closely and refuses to communicate over the radio – very impolite.

After lunch I continue to trace maps from air photos. After 3 o’clock coffee Ulla Asgaard and I go up onto the hill to the east with our big white husky. Ulla’s feet still sore, so we wear tennis shoes but only get our feet slightly wet. We see no lemmings, although at lunch some of the others caught one with Finn Surlyk’s shoe and kept it in a box for a few minutes and photographed it 25 times each!

A long-tailed skua pair dive on us, or rather the dog, but I get no photos.

We walk in sunshine and sit and stare at the fjord. Then I try to photograph the pink-footed goose in sunshine, while the dog is not too near. As we approach, the male flies off noisily and lands ahead of the dog, who chases it. It flies short distances, with much noise, and leads the dog on a long wild goose chase. The female stays on the nest and looks coy. I come no nearer than 2 feet – this is a great privilege!

Ulla exploring the area at Mestesvig, together with “our” new friend, the male husky puppy – Jameson Land, Greenland – 1970

Back for supper at 6, joining Tove Birkelund returning from her walk for the last stretch of the airstrip. After supper, sit reading Perry Mason in glorious hot sunshine, waiting for birds to sit in front of my telephoto lens – none do. A very battered third Land Rover appears!

The base and gravel airstrip at the Mestersvig base – Greenland 1970

Coffee at 9. Then Ulla and I have a shower and read a little more.

Bed at 12

Me cuddling with a very friendly husky – Greenland 1970

Mestersvig Base
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